A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 13th September 2023

Reignite Motivation To Drive Meaningful Change & Accelerate Results

Turn Knowledge Into Action! Meaningful Steps To Deliver A Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Which Attracts Top Talent & Tangible Results

 Break Down Barriers For True Accessibility ■ Power Inclusive Recruitment & Retention ■ Shine A Spotlight On Mental Health & Wellbeing ■ Cultivate Inclusive Cultures & Engagement ■ Champion Social Mobility For Socioeconomic Inclusion ■ What Is The Employee Experience Like? ■ You Can’t Be What You Can’t See: Build Diverse Leadership ■ Embrace Intersectionality & Complex Individuality

32 D&I Professionals Will Delve Into Resilient Diversity & Inclusion Strategies That Increase Employee Motivation & Breed A Healthy Workplace Into 2024 & Beyond!

Disability, Neurodiversity and Accessibility ■ Inclusive Recruitment & Retention ■ Mental Health & Wellbeing ■Inclusive Cultures & Engagement ■ Socioeconomic Inclusion ■ Employee Experience and Diverse Workforces ■Leadership ■ Intersectionality


Diversify Your Workforce With Inclusive Recruitment & Retention Strategies:

Grow and upskill (rather than replace) your workforce by exploring how you may be shutting out promising potential


Prioritise Mental Health & Wellbeing:

Proactively implement structures to support employees not just through uncertain times but also around personal “everyday” challenges to build resiliency, confidence and capability


Disability, Neurodiversity & Accessibility:

Translate awareness into action for truly accessible and inclusive working environments which enable everyone to perform at the top of their game!


Inclusive Cultures & Engagement

How can you cultivate cultures which enrich working lives, encourage a healthy work-life balance and increase motivation?


Fuel Social Mobility & Socioeconomic Inclusion:

Diversify your workforce to diversify your audience! How can you truly reach people from all walks of life?


Diverse & Inspirational Leadership:

You can’t be what you can’t see! Effective talent pipelining which creates space for underrepresented professionals to thrive and reach the top of the ladder


Embrace Intersectionality & Complex Individuality:

How can we leverage our differences to increase creativity and revitalise our business approaches?


Equip Your D&I Team To Support Diverse Workforces & Create Positive Employee Experiences:

Support your EDI teams to lead by example, focus their energies and efforts and reignite that spark of passion to make a difference when times are tough


New Spotlight Sessions:

LGBTQ+, Race & Ethnicity, Trans-Inclusion, Gender Inequalities, BLM, Disability, Neurodiversity, Socioeconomic Diversity


Time To Talk! Join Your Peers To Dig Into The Big Topics:

Menopause, Age, Networks & Sponsor Schemes, Financial Exclusion, Unconscious Bias


  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring Alexander McQueen, Co-op, Sky & Many More!
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions:
    • Intersectionality
    • Inclusive Cultures & Engagement
    • Employee Experience & Diverse Workforces
  • Spotlight Sessions To Network With Your Industry Peers!
  • Breakout Sessions To Kickstart Insightful Discussions While Forging Valuable Connections
  • 20 Heads of Departments and 7 Directors Specialising in Diversity, Inclusion, and HR

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