Our Partners

Founded in Australia in 2003, AI-Media is a pioneering technology company specialising in innovative captioning workflow solutions.  

As a global leader, AI-Media provides high-quality AI-powered live and recorded captioning and translation technology and solutions to a diverse range of customers and markets worldwide.  

For the first time in February 2024, AI-Media was able to unveil groundbreaking data showcasing the superiority of its AI captioning product, LEXI, over traditional human workflows. This milestone further solidifies AI-Media’s position as the foremost AI technology leader in live and recorded captioning workflow solutions.  

With a commitment to utilising our deep industry experience and sophisticated AI technology to create solutions which streamline and simplify processes, AI-Media empowers leading broadcasters, enterprises and government agencies globally to ensure seamless accessibility and inclusivity of their content. 

AI-Media (ASX: AIM) commenced trading on the ASX on 15 September 2020.   

For more information on AI-Media please visit https://www.ai-media.tv/

auticon is the world’s largest autistic-majority company and an award-winning social enterprise championing neurodiversity.

For fifteen years we have enabled autistic people to thrive in successful careers as IT consultants, and in doing so we have had a measurable impact on the organisations we work with, changing perceptions of the commercial and cultural benefits of a neurodiverse workforce. We are proud to be a majority-autistic organisation and we share our depth of lived experience through our holistic assessment, training and advisory services, to empower more businesses to be confident neuroinclusive workplaces. 

We work with organisations of all sizes around the globe and have offices in 15 countries. Our vision is to build a more inclusive world!


Blue Goose is an award-winning internal communications agency.  We help organisations develop a culture they can be proud of, through effective employee engagement.

We use intelligent creativity to create memorable experiences that affect the awareness, attitude and behaviour of clients’ employees, helping to guarantee they feel inspired, informed, valued and connected.


Evenbreak is a social enterprise run by and for disabled people. We aim to reduce the disability employment gap in three ways. We support employers to become more inclusive and accessible through training and consultancy and an online best practice portal. We offer inclusive and accessible careers support for disabled people looking for new or better work. And we help each group to find each other through an award-winning global disability job board. All our services are designed and delivered by people with lived experience of disability.


We are FAIRER Consulting, specialist DE&I consultants and pioneers in the fields of diversity, equity and inclusion. As part of Hays Plc, we are an inclusion management company that supports businesses around the world to expand and diversify their talent pools and to create inclusive work cultures in three key areas: education, leadership and consulting.

We create bespoke solutions for organisations who are ready for meaningful action and change. We challenge the existing status quo by leverage the latest research from the fields of social psychology, neuroscience and behavioural science, and our methodology is always based by the science of human thinking and organisational change.


KareHero is the UK’s most comprehensive adult care support service for carers in the workplace. Our mission is to empower businesses to attract and retain top talent by turning the complexity of caregiving into a simple stress free journey. We transform businesses into truly carer-friendly organisations, offering employees & their families real & practical support, including getting set up with all legal, financial and medical care needs for family members. We also help with hospital discharge, emergency, short & long term care support. We’re your dedicated and reliable support throughout the entire caregiver journey.


Metimur Global is thrilled to introduce the world’s pioneering DE&I self-audit service. Our Return on Inclusion tool gives your company the power to measure insights regarding DE&I in-house without the need for external manual audits. Our revolutionary software examines 150 key touchpoints throughout your organisation, empowering you to gain deep insights into your DE&I initiatives. Our tool calculates DE&I metrics, evaluates your organisation’s performance, and ranks it accordingly. Following the assessment, Metimur Global delivers a tailored set of workable recommendations to embed inclusion within your organisation. Through using our ROI audit and enforcing recommendations, our wide range of clients have repeatedly achieved strong returns with an EBITDA impact between 19% and 35% following the embedding of inclusion initiatives. From assessing your current situation to predicting future improvements, Metimur Global offers intelligent analytics to optimise your organisation and your affiliated supply chain partners for maximum success.

Metimur Global signifies a groundbreaking advancement in the DE&I realm. Our mission encompasses years of collaboration among DE&I experts, data scientists, and AI developers. Embrace inclusion by investing in your organisation’s future with Metimur Global.


We are your partner in building intelligent processes.

As a leader in digital and business process transformation, we have been instrumental in transforming the processes of our clients, including Fortune 100 companies based in the UK, EMEA, APAC, the US, and Canada. We are passionate about supporting organisations that put their customers at the heart of their services. Our success is built on 20 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of your market.

We empower companies of all sizes and from all industries, irrespective of their digital maturity, by providing access to premium digital transformation expertise. We create and deploy customised digital products using advanced data analytics, AI/ML, cloud, and other cutting-edge technologies that delight users. Our bespoke services focus not only on improving CX but also on delivering efficiency, lowering cost, removing complexity and unlocking true value.

At Silverskills, we are recognised for our strong domain expertise, our ability to support you in developing more personalised digital products, and our ability to transform your existing platform. It does not matter where you stand in your digital transformation journey; we can help you accelerate and get to your goals faster.

To learn more about our products and services, please click here and book a meeting with us.


We are Talking Talent.

Inspiring inclusive cultures where people and businesses thrive.

Our mission is to help you develop an actively inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels that they belong and can grow. For nearly two decades, we’ve helped organisations build inclusive, fair, and opportunity-filled work environments.

Working together with your diverse talent and their leaders, we empower them to do great work

Because different perspectives and unique ways of thinking encourage everyone – and every business – to perform at their best. Now, let’s see what we can do for you

Our people

We’re a diverse team of business psychologists, coaches with world-class credentials, talent specialists, and diversity leaders. And we’re all committed to improving the world of work.

Our approach

Our coaches use a variety of tools and techniques to challenge old habits, maximise strengths, and improve wellbeing. And while most coaching programs are generic, ours are customised and collaborative.

Consider us your partner, not just a provider

Why Talking Talent?

  • Coaching-led: Building strategies for sustainable behaviour change.
  • Committed to ROI: Keeping the bottom line in mind
  • Coaching the system, not just the individual: Supporting the organisation holistically
  • A ‘whole person’ belief: Seeing beyond the job title with work-life integration
  • Business psychology: Using specialist coaches and solutions grounded in clinical research
  • Digitally blended: Providing easy access to help with online tools.