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Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is critical to setting yourself apart in today’s globalised world. CQ is your capability to effectively interact with people across all types of cultural differences, including nationality, race, generation, and job function, going beyond traditional cultural sensitivity and awareness.

The Cultural Intelligence Centre is an innovative, research-based training and consulting firm that draws upon empirical findings to help organisations and individuals around the world assess and improve their CQ. Based on over 20 years of research across more than 150 countries, we know that there are four key capabilities which need to be developed in order to have effective and meaningful interactions:

  • CQ Drive – the curiosity and motivation to work with others.
  • CQ Knowledge – the understanding of what makes groups similar and different, without resorting to cultural stereotypes.
  • CQ Strategy – the ability to plan for interactions in light of differences
  • CQ Action – the ability to flex and adapt behaviour when the situation requires it.

Through workshops, assessments, e-learning programmes, coaching and more, we provide you with the tools to reap the benefits of CQ and: enhance performance and collaboration within a team, reduce conflict and turnover in an organisation, and improve adjustment and adaptability in your personal interactions.


We are Talking Talent.

Inspiring inclusive cultures where people and businesses thrive.

Our mission is to help you develop an actively inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels that they belong and can grow. For nearly two decades, we’ve helped organisations build inclusive, fair, and opportunity-filled work environments.

Working together with your diverse talent and their leaders, we empower them to do great work

Because different perspectives and unique ways of thinking encourage everyone – and every business – to perform at their best. Now, let’s see what we can do for you

Our people

We’re a diverse team of business psychologists, coaches with world-class credentials, talent specialists, and diversity leaders. And we’re all committed to improving the world of work.

Our approach

Our coaches use a variety of tools and techniques to challenge old habits, maximise strengths, and improve wellbeing. And while most coaching programs are generic, ours are customised and collaborative.

Consider us your partner, not just a provider

Why Talking Talent?

  • Coaching-led: Building strategies for sustainable behaviour change.
  • Committed to ROI: Keeping the bottom line in mind
  • Coaching the system, not just the individual: Supporting the organisation holistically
  • A ‘whole person’ belief: Seeing beyond the job title with work-life integration
  • Business psychology: Using specialist coaches and solutions grounded in clinical research
  • Digitally blended: Providing easy access to help with online tools.