The Diversity and Inclusion Conference

13th September, Central London

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Power Motivation, Drive Meaningful Change & Accelerate Results

Turn Your Knowledge Into Action: Meaningful Steps To Remove Workplace Accessibility Barriers To Foster A Diverse & Inclusive Workplace For Quality Employees & Noticeable Results

Why Attend?

  • 31 Industry Speakers, 1 Day, London
  • Spotlight Sessions & Increased Interactivity!
  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring Alexander McQueen, Co-op, Sky & Many More!
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions:
    • Intersectionality
    • Inclusive Cultures & Engagement
    • Employee Experience & Diverse Workforces
  • New! Spotlight Sessions To Network With Your Industry Peers!
  • Breakout Sessions To Kickstart Insightful Discussions While Forging Valuable Connections

What's New?

  1. Diversify Your Workforce For Innovative Output: Grow your workforce and avoid shutting out promising potential and to upskill (rather than replace) your workforce
  2. Uplift Mental Health In Uncertain Times: Implement structures to support your employees throughout the cost of living crisis and other global tragedies to retain high quality workers
  3. Create Tangible Support Networks For Disabled Employees: Welcome diverse employees and remove barriers for genuine and authentic acceptance to increase employee loyalty
  4. Include Varying Socio-Economic Backgrounds To Diversify Audience: Diversify your workforce to diversify your audience by hearing other experiences to target new audiences
  5. Motivate & Retain Employees By Promoting Engaging Leaders: Seeing yourself reflected at the top can help employees do their best work and to a drive in employee ambition
  6. Respect All Elements Of Employee Backgrounds: Appreciate employee complexity and implement strategies to reflect this and encourage continuous inclusion
  7. Retain Motivation By Encouraging A Healthy Work-Life Balance: Support employee wellbeing outside of working hours and foster authentic change beyond virtue signalling
  8. Ensure D&I Professionals Consistently Get Results: How are D&I professionals taking care of their own wellbeing to ensure effective output and steady results?
  9. Acknowledge Team Differences To Maximise Innovative Partnerships: Appreciate the value of under-represented groups and diversity of thought to get the edge over your competitors
  10. Tackle Concerns Effectively For Successful Retainment: Communicate clearly and confidently between teams for minimum employee and workday disruption
  11. Confront The Subjects Head-On With Our New Spotlight Sessions Centred Around: LGBTQ+, Race & Ethnicity, Trans-Inclusion, Gender Inequalities, BLM, Disability, Neurodiversity, Socioeconomic Diversity
  12. Embellish Your Understanding Of D&I By Scrutinising Subjects With Like-Minded People: Menopause, Age, Nonbinary, Accessibility, Allyship, Networks & Sponsor Schemes, Financial Exclusion, Unconscious Bias

Client Testimonials

“I REALLY enjoyed it. So many great ideas and so many wonderful new contacts gained. I am going to book for my whole team to come to the next one”
Virgin Media, O2, Previous Attendee
“A fantastic snapshot of best practice techniques.”

BBC, Previous Attendee

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